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Awesome Decentralized Web Awesome

A curated list about the decentralized web technologies.

Blockchain infrastructure

  • Backfeed – a technology to enable decentralized and user-owned governance and reputation management for a community.
  • Blockstack – Blockstack is a new fully decentralized internet that comes with a full stack of open-source developer tools to build and bootstrap decentralized applications and protocol ecosystems.
  • Curated list of Blockchain and Crytocurrency Resources in general
  • Ethereum – “a distributed answer to HTTP POST” – it’s a blockcahin-based platform for decentralized app development.
  • Namecoin – a replacement for the existing domain name system that registers identities on a blockchain, rather than a centralized DNS authority.
  • OpenTimeStamps – OpenTimestamps aims to be a standard format for blockchain timestamping.
  • Zcash – a cryptocurrency built for total privacy. Zcash encrypts transactions so that they can be validated while still private.


  • BitMessage – anonymous encrypted message broadcasting.
  • Interledger – it interconnects disparate cryptocurrencies and financial systems.
  • LevelNews – a leftist news aggregator designed for an open web, and dedicated to journalism without censorship.
  • Matrix – an open standard for decentralised persistent communication over IP. Matrix wants to connect together all the various communication services and make them interoperate.
  • Ricochet – completely anonymous and potentially metadata-free chat
  • Solid – a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized social applications based on Linked Data principles.


  • Bitcoin – It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator.
  • Ethereum – Blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. It provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine
  • Monero – Aims to improve on existing cryptocurrency design by obscuring sender, recipient and amount of every transaction.
  • Zcash – Open, permissionless cryptocurrency that can fully protect the privacy of transactions using zero-knowledge cryptography.


  • BigchainDB – a scalable database that layers blockchain technology over decentralized data.
  • IPDB – a federated database network built on BigchainDB and IPFS. It is maintained by a network of caretakers around the world, at least half of which are nonprofits.

Data Storage and Sharing

  • BitTorrent – Protocol for distributed file sharing.
  • CacheP2P – a distributed caching platform.
  • Cryptosphere – an open-source P2P web application platform for decentralized, privacy-preserving software.
  • Dat Protocol – Versioned, encrypted, peer-to-peer protocol for distributed file sharing.
  • Filecoin – a decentralized storage network based on IPFS, powered by a blockchain and a native token.
  • IPFS – or InterPlanetary File System, is a distributed file storage system that aims to replace HTTP.
  • OnionShare – hosts the selected files as a hidden service on the user’s computer
  • ORC – the Onion Router Cloud, a distributed, anonymous, object storage platform owned and operated by all of us.
  • Rotonde – commonly agreed upon specifications of a JSON object shared between members of the network.
  • Tahoe-LAFS – a private, encrypted file storage system that decentralizes data across multiple servers.
  • Sia – a decentralized private cloud.
  • Storj – a blockchain-based, end-to-end encrypted, distributed object storage.
  • Swarm – a distributed storage platform and content distribution service of the ethereum stack.
  • WebTorrent – an in-browser torrenting that works without requiring users to install anything extra.
  • Wikipediap2p – a p2p version of wikipedia.

Decentralized web

  • Beaker – Beaker is a peer-to-peer Web browser, made for users to run applications independently of hosts.
  • Freenet– a network aimed at activists and people living in repressive regimes. It uses a web of trust in high security mode, which allows users on the network to be effectively undetectable.
  • I2P – Anonymous network with hidden services.
  • MaidSafe – a soon-to-be-released decentralized internet and app infrastructure which rewards users for participating in the network.
  • Mysterium Network – Open Sourced Network allowing anyone to rent their unused Network traffic, while providing a secure connection for those in need.
  • Samizdat – Samizdat is a platform for the self-hosted, peer-to-peer, cryptographically-secured internet.
  • Steemit – Blogging and social networking website on top of a blockchain database.
  • Tor – Anonymous network proxy.
  • ZeroNet – a peer-to-peer web built on the Bitcoin blockchain for addressing, and identity and Namecoin for .bit domains.


  • OpenBazaar – Marketplace, with store fronts and moderators.


  • Dat Medium – Dat Medium is markdown blog system for Beaker inspired by Medium.
  • diaspora* – Decentralized and federated social media platform.
  • Friendica – Decentralized and federated social media platform.
  • Hubzilla – Decentralized and federated social media platform.
  • Mastodon – Decentralized alternative to twitter, with servers federation.
  • Socialhome – Decentralized and federated profile builder with social networking features.
  • Tahrir – looks and feels like twitter but encrypted and anonymized and decentralized and only you hold the keys.
  • trsst – looks and feels like twitter but encrypted and anonymized and decentralized and only you hold the keys.
  • Twister – a fully decentralized P2P microblogging platform leveraging the free software implementations of Bitcoin and BitTorrent protocols.


  • Bit451 – Decentralized / distributed anonymous p2p media network. YouTube meets BitTorrent meets Bitcoin.
  • – the World’s First Virtual Nation – A Blockchain Jurisdiction.
  • ferment – Peer-to-peer audio publishing and streaming application.
  • git-ssb – Decentralized git repo hosting and issue tracking on secure-scuttlebutt.
  • – Streaming file transfer over WebTorrent.
  • IPWB – an interplanetary wayback machine.
  • magic-wormhole – Get things from one computer to another, safely.
  • Mediachain – a media library built on IPFS that makes it easy to publish, track, and discover creative work.
  • Onename – a global database for people, companies, websites and more.
  • StrongLink – a searchable, syncable, content-addressable notetaking system
  • WebRTC – W3C drafted standard for browser-to-browser data transfer.


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